Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Mt Toby

Mt Toby, Levertte, MA

It was hard to find the trailhead and we drove around for a bit. Eventually two women (one wearing a tiara!) pointed us in the right direction but for those adventurers: From Montauge Rd (rt 47) follow Reservation Rd and there is a small trail head that starts along there.

This was a nice 2 hour round trip hike, on the steeper side at times. There are several trails to explore so if you have a map ahead of time you could plot out a creative route to the top. We followed the creatively named Power Line Trail and followed the power lines up to the top tower. We climbed the metal Sunderland Fire Tower to see the views from the top, but we didn't stay up there for too long.

Since we drove for a while to get to Mt. Toby, we wanted to make it count. We stopped over at the Montague Book Mill and were awkwardly stared at so we popped into the neighboring music/movie store and then the art gallery. Then we drove over to eat at 2 of my favorite places in Amherst: Fresh Side (Pad Thai tea rolls!!!) and then Go Berry (best tangy froyo place ever!!)

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