About Me

Welcome to Kitchen Dreamin' where I am moving through life one recipe at a time!

I’m Kathryn and while I do many things, I especially enjoy cooking, baking, traveling, and camping! 

I share recipes, reviews of my trips, a list of books I've read, and quotes I find meaningful!

When did I start cooking? I started cooking in college as a way to save money by not eating out and to not have to eat cafeteria food.

Why did I start a blog? I was going through a tough time at work and needed a hobby to get my mind off of it. I enjoyed cooking and sometimes people asked for my recipes so I figured, why not? This would be a way to easily share my recipes with them and to keep track of my own recipes (yes, I do use this as my cookbook). Anyway, I started back in 2012 with a few mediocre recipes and my PRK article.

Over the years I have found many wonderful recipes to share with you and I’ve tested them and made changes so hopefully it will be an easier experience for you!

In October 2015 I decided that the site needed a face-lift. There have been many improvements including a new layout and a new camera! I’m excited to have pictures that will look fancy!

If you have any questions or suggestions please feel free to post them below or send me an email at KitchenDreamin@gmail.com!

Happy reading and happy eating!

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