Friday, November 6, 2015

Great Wolf Lodge, Poconos, Pennsylvania

Great Wolf Lodge, Poconos, Pennsylvania

What a trip!! We spent one night at Great Wolf Lodge in the Poconos Mountains and it was an adventure! The kids had a half day from school so we grabbed them up and drove right to the park! When you book your night you can use the park starting at 1 pm your check in day, so we were sure to take advantage of that!

Everything was decorated for Halloween and they had some cute interactive programs (scavenger hunts, read out loud, etc) that were available for all the guests.

To save some money because this place is insanely expensive...we picked a slower time (Sept and Oct are less busy times and Mon-Thurs are cheapest), we brought snacks, breakfast, and lunch (fridge and microwave is in the room), and we decided against doing Magic Quest. Oh, and we purchased wolf stuffed animals on Amazon ahead of time rather than having the kids want one of the Wolf Lodge stuffed animals.

When we were discussing doing Magic Quest I had looked online and you can get the wands on eBay and local swap sites, that can save you some money too! I was really hesitant with Magic Quest because I didn't really want to do it and reviews said that the kids would need a lot of help.

If we went back we would try and go with friends and we would potentially do Magic Quest since the kids would be older. We would also bring walkie talkies so the kids can go off on their own.

The lines in the water park were ok. There were still lines but it was manageable. I'm not a fan of crowds so I felt it was busy but not overwhelming. It is nice that the only people allowed in the park are guests at the resort so that helps keep the lines shorter. Saturday was a lot busier than Friday afternoon. I had a blast on the water slides!!

If you stay for only one night you really don't need the Magic Quest or other packages, we spent all of our time in the water park! If we had stayed for 2 nights I think we would have wanted something else to do so the kids didn't get too exhausted swimming that much!

We did venture out for dinner Friday night at The Barley Creek Brewing Company. The lovely place is only 10 minutes from the resort but the food was great and the beers were amazing!! We highly recommend going here if you can make it! We ordered the Garlic Edamame, split a pizza, ordered a sandwich, and a burger. We were stuffed to the gills!!

Have you been before?? What did you think??

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